Sweet Tooth

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i have a sweet tooth

Lollipops I view,
Along with vanilla brew,
Candies I will eat,
Along with muffins at my feet.
Ice-cream flowers floating on the syrupy lake,
Additionally there is a white chocolate cake.
Kheer, Rasgullas, Sohan Papdi, Kaju Barfi
Treats that are lovely and tasty and yummy.
Which one will I choose then?
Well, all of them.

Well, as you all can see, I have a sweet tooth. Sweets in any form and shape and size have always been very dear to me. It seems that sweetmeats themselves get filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to enter my mouth when they see me. While the rest of the family is busy taking an afternoon nap, I raid the fridge and the pantry stuffing sweets into my mouth. I often badger my mother to make homemade sweets and help her as much as I can in the project. I also often walk down to a neighbouring sweet shop called ‘Kamdhenu’ along with my sisters to buy sweets. However, a not very sweet outcome resulted from my ‘sweet gorging’. I developed cavities and had to visit a dentist. Sitting on a dumpy chair and having strange equipment making their way through my teeth, memories of all the sweet treats that I have had so far seemed to go on a long holiday. I was devastated on hearing that I must cut down on my one and only favourite. I have resumed eating sweets but now I ensure brushing my teeth twice every day for at least ten minutes as the dentist advised. 

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