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flute musical instrument
The flute connects you to nature

A melodious sound emerges from a pipe made up of bamboo with six holes to tune and one to blow into; the flute is a musical instrument that creates deeply moving music. Even the angriest man would calm down after listening to this melody. Since I play the flute, I am saying this from my personal experience. Whenever I am sad and want to cheer up, I try to play something that has a hyped-up tune and by practicing it, I am able to feel better. 

My journey of learning flute started in a very odd way. When I was returning from a vacation from the hills of Kodai, I bought a toy flute on the way. I tried to figure out how to play songs and some prayers, when one of my seniors advised me to present what I had been practicing to our music teacher. Flute was not taught at school. It was not in the music curriculum like the tabla, harmonium, guitar and keyboard. I played some of the pieces for our music teacher and he loved it. He allowed me to borrow his flute, which hadn’t been used for 10-15 years, for that month and then asked me to buy my own flute. The most impressive thing for me was that I could play the professional flute naturally. I carried on practicing and now I play the flute in concerts when given the opportunity. Whatever little I have mastered is by dedication and practice.

The flute connects you to nature. Not only human beings but also animals and birds feel happy and cheerful from its sound waves. Its sound makes you forget the bad times and instils hope in a better tomorrow.

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