Decorating a Christmas Tree

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christmas tree

We celebrate Christmas on 25th December every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a vibrant festival filled with joy and happiness.  No Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree and Santa Claus.  

Last year, while I was celebrating my tenth Christmas, my cousin was celebrating her first one. So, our parents thought to make it the best and most memorable one of our entire lives. It was Christmas eve. I went to my father’s office at 4 pm. While coming back, we stopped at a Christmas tree shop and went inside it. I got to choose the tree and no surprise, I chose the biggest one present there.  When we reached home, I saw that my mother had bought some items for decorating the tree like glittering colourful balls, electronic lights, golden bells, some small stars and a big shining golden star. Without wasting any time, we took the tree to our drawing room and put it right in front of the window.  After we arranged the tree in the hall, we started unpacking the decorative items.  First we put the balls, bells and smaller stars. Then we hung the artificial lights. That took a very long time as we were putting it in a zigzag pattern. Atop the tree was the beautiful shining golden star.  At last, my father and I quickly wrapped up the presents and placed them under the tree.  

I have had many memorable experiences decorating Christmas trees, but none of them were as memorable as this because there was a new member who made us laugh with her mischievous smile and cheerful spirit. This Christmas celebration will always have a special place in my heart.    

Chetan Dev Patodia is a student of  Word Munchers, a Kolkata-based creative writing platform.

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