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Wednesday June 29, 2022


photo sewing after desccribing afternoon making patch session (1)

Art as an Act of Resistance

Swayam organized six interactive workshops of about fifty women each for women they work with, from urban and peri-urban communities, could come together in solidarity to express themselves, feel renewed and empowered, in a nurturing environment.

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sheroes of bollywood

The Sheroes of Bollywood

The word Shero, first used in 1836, refers to female heroes or women known for their outstanding courage and achievements. These days it also refers to female protagonists in films who do not need a hero to back them or romance them or lead to a happily-ever-after ending.

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women poll candidates women voters

The Silent Candidates

This was not something that was peculiar to just one party contesting the polls. Several candidates or better still ghost candidates, talked along the same lines about their spouses, who in reality were the ones actually nominated by the party.

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Nandan Kolkata

Women’s Film Festival 2021

The festival opened with noted Assamese filmmaker Manju Borah’s In The Land of Poison Women. The film is based on a story by Yeshe Dorje Thongchi.

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agatha christie

A Dame Grand and Extraordinary

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, who else can be a better icon for an aspiring writer like my humble self than Christie herself?

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flowing over rocks
Fiction & Poetry

Flowing anyway

It was hard with all the long sleepless nights/flowing over the rocks, the boulders, hard, unmoving/The friction hurting when they wouldn’t…

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