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Beyond Fossil Fuels: A Just and Equitable Path to a Sustainable Future

For the past three decades, the discourse on climate change and global warming has taken center stage on the world’s discursive platform. Ever since the 2015 Paris Agreement, limiting global temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial average global temperature has been a central tenet of this discourse. The global average temperature is rapidly approaching this critical threshold.

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science and literature

Is Science Very Unlike Literature?

A scientific journal proposes a novel idea that was once not known to humanity. I’ve had the privilege of feeling the connection to words written almost a hundred years ago, reaching out from the depths to touch a 21st century me. It’s a piece of literary work. Both make your heart beat faster.

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GM crop

GM Food: Frankenfood or Panacea?

Though the Indian government is generous in funding biotech research, it is extremely cautious in reaping the benefits of the research. This extreme sense of caution is evident from its handling of the case of genetically modified Dhara Mustard Hybrid-11, otherwise known as DMH-11.

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Nehru at ISI Calcutta

The Man Who Built India’s First Analogue Computer

Samarendra Kumar Mitra started the Electronic Computer Laboratory at the ISI in 1950, with the help of a part-time technician. With time he was assisted with several other scientists like Debdas Chaudhuri, Soumyendra Mohon Bose, Ashis Sen and others

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telescope amateur astronomy

Reaching for the Stars

There in the tiny circumference of my telescope eye-piece, was the staggeringly beautiful full moon; approximately 400,000 kms away, yet tantalizingly just within reach.

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