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Saturday July 2, 2022

Bengali immigrant community

Rabindra jayanti celebration in the US

Mumma’s Bindis (VII): Ohinonaad’s Shushi

Urja and Ujaan both know Mumma has only one God in her life. Unlike the other Gods that their aunts pray to on special occasions, Mumma’s God (Thakur in Bengali) has a long beard and wavy hair and looks very handsome in a greyish white robe.

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springtime memories

Mumma’s Bindis (VI)

Spring is finally here! Time to get the deck furniture out, fill up the birdfeeder, run outside to catch the dandelions and smell the fresh air. As Didi was helping Mumma clean the deck chairs, Ujaan poured yellow, white, and brown seeds into the birdfeeder with his little hands.

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happiness and sadness

Mumma’s Bindis (V)

Just like happiness, sadness is also a part of your life, Mumma tells them. So every night Ujaan and Didi tell Mumma their happy part and sad part of the day. One of each kind. Ujaan likes to talk about the happy part first, because most days he doesn’t have a sad part.

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mumma's bindis episode iv

Mumma’s Bindis (IV)

Their party of nine was quite an interesting bunch. Didan was the eldest member of the team. She was eighty-one, and Ujaan the youngest member barely “onety-one”!

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immigrants arriving in the USA

Nineteenth Century Emigrants of India to the US (I)

The silk items these Bengali “peddlers” brought with them to sell to Americans were called chikons or chikans, and the traders became known as chikondars or chikandars. The American elite at that time were enthralled by all things Oriental and found such “exotic” items hard to resist.

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Statue of Liberty America
Belles Lettres

Letter from America

Those were the School Days This writing is a metonymical translation of the article published in my school high school

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The Festival of Fall

Durga Pujo for me is a reminder that happiness finds its way home. Every year. That on those five days, everyone looks stunning and feels like a million bucks, no matter what.

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