Hand in Hand

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hand in hand poem on love

Unlearning the already learnt
Is what you get after the stubs burnt
Sometimes it is much easier to be ignorant,
So as to enjoy life, which is pleasant.
After the mornings and after the rains,
After you and I go separately to prismatic domains,
It is the solitude which creeps inwards
As if by stealthy steps, talking of our deeds.

The healthy glow of flowers and leaves after spring
Do always, a sense of joy in minds bring
While the leaves are happy, you and I talk of tomorrows
While the newspapers are being given out in wheelbarrows
The season of flowers is here, to make us smile
But many of us act so as to make them defile,
Flowers, when gifted, are tokens of love,
Lovey-dovey pairs do often sit in a merry alcove.

We’ve walked miles till tiredness had beaten us down
Nature had mingled with our bodies as we tried out a weather-beaten crown.
Spring, the season of the bright sun and marigolds, can be sad too
For lonely souls have still to make the ends meet without further ado.

Unseen birds are chirping from the boughs far and wide
Early morning music brings for many, a healthy side.
Love and friendship are the twin feelings that really matter
Their absence from my world will turn me into a mad hatter
The sun’s shining bright on a warm afternoon,
Will it be wise to be laid up in a cocoon?
Come, you and I, while the sun’s laughing down our faces
We can wring out miseries from the lonely cases.


Image courtesy: Pixabay

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