Missing You (short story)

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As he inserted the key into the lock of the main wooden door, the colourful nameplate mocked completeness of being. On other days the colours failed to draw his attention as much. It had become a part of his being almost. Why did it seem unnecessarily bright and colourful today? Pushing himself indoors he latched the door from within. There lay the black platform heeled shoes, effortlessly displaying its presence. Unnecessarily.

Switching the lights on he proceeded to change in to his night clothes. A warm shower too would be relaxing he thought. The bath towel smelled of her. Unnecessarily. He was always certain, she had lost her smell the day she graduated to mommyhood! Where had this smell disappeared and why was it back now? The warm stream of water ran down his restless body as he looked up to notice the shower filter cap. An useful buy indeed. Her suggestion, once.

The changing room closet invited him only to laugh out loud showing off its night gowns that she wrapped herself in. Today his denial-kissed self noticed them, unlike regular days. Unnecessarily!

illustration by Sumon Choudhury

He warmed the food in the oven. The beep of the oven made him take the plate out and sit at his own fixed place at the table. Was the table always so big? Unnecessary, he thought! As he fed himself the oven kept on beeping, much to his annoyance. He was surprised at his own annoyance . He thought he was great at ignoring silly slips as these.

Switching all the lights off he went to retire for the day. The regular pre-sleep cellphone session seemed unnecessary. He tossed and turned in bed. Was it a day, markedly different? He thought for a while. Then tried to do what he believed he excelled at – ignoring such thoughts. The show must go on and one must wake up bright and efficient for work and so sleep off now without delaying. Unnecessary – he thought.

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8 Responses

  1. Necessity or not it’s a state of being and situation.
    Absence is something which one realises only after happening of a necessary or unnecessary event

  2. The story has touched my heart . অনেক কিছু না বলা কথা যেন আরও বেশি কথা বলে!! খুব ভালো লাগলো।

  3. Beautiful ; আমি সাহিত্যের পড়াশোনা করা লোক নই , ইংরেজির তো নয়ই তাই কয়েকবার পড়লাম ।পড়ে মনে হোল it’s a poetic version of a short story . দারুন লাগল ।

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