Ushering The New

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Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

The pandemic year claimed lives,
You and I were not among them.
People are swaying to new normal jives,
You and I are definitely among them.
Shall we or shall we not get the new vaccine?
Covid Warriors are facing a Hamlet dilemma –

But it’s time to welcome the New Year
Let us be happy and grin from ear to ear.
Have we come up with resolutions to look before and after
Anyway do let’s pray that the New Year
Shouldn’t be like the one of the Corona –
Yes, it’s been the Corona Year
None can deny the fact
Yet living’s become just a lovely act.

The scenes are there in every household –
All the props, due to misuse, go cold
The actors – we – are playing our roles,
Of living and partly living.
For life’s not a tale told by a fool –

But is one told by a playwright 
Who has all the actors and the plot
Held in the nib of his quill –
Read it at your own peril –
For New Year it’ll be with or without masks,
You cannot stop it from coming,
Nor can you stop it from going.
The year gone by, had been sad. 
Yet the passing away left us glad.

Finally, we are all islanders,
Marooned in the sea of our memories,
For tomorrow being just another day,
We embrace the new Year with cakes n’ confetti –
Folks! The show must and will go on.
So here’s wishing you all a very very


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