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Tuesday June 28, 2022

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mango the summer fruit

Mango Magic

No other fruit enjoys such popularity. Mangoes originated in India over 4,000 years ago and are considered to be a sacred fruit. Mangoes spread gradually throughout Asia and then to the rest of the world. Today, Asia grows 75 per cent of the mangoes in the world.

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new town smart library kolkata

New Town Smart Library is a Community Space

There is a children’s section where young readers like to curl with comic books on circular seats. The library has a Kindle section with eBooks of one’s choice that can be downloaded. There is a reading room with movable ladders to reach the top shelves and three cozy workshop rooms.

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international yoga day

Yoga: A Panacea for Our Times

Bhagavad Gita 2: 50 goes on to say, “yogah karmasu kaushalam,” i.e., yoga is excellence in action. If yoga ensures a healthy body, equanimity of mind as well as excellence in action, couldn’t it be a viable solution to people’s many ills related to poor health and agitations of the mind? In fact, people across the world seem to think so.

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Rabindra jayanti celebration in the US

Mumma’s Bindis (VII): Ohinonaad’s Shushi

Urja and Ujaan both know Mumma has only one God in her life. Unlike the other Gods that their aunts pray to on special occasions, Mumma’s God (Thakur in Bengali) has a long beard and wavy hair and looks very handsome in a greyish white robe.

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home flowers in Kalimpong

The Window Flowers of Kalimpong District

There are pink, lilac, and blue Hydrangeas, Fuchsias in pale pink, shocking pink, white and deep purples, open wild red Roses, Geraniums, Jasmine, wild orchids, Himalayan Hibiscus, Cherry blossoms in October and November, and fields of deep red Rhododendron from the end of March to mid-April in the higher ranges.

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children and bullying

Help Children Cope with Bullying

A child who is bullied might find it difficult to comprehend why they are being targeted. Questions like who’s at fault, and how to respond, confuse them further. So it’s up to parents to empower them with methods that will help them understand and deal with the situation.

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Africa Day 2022

Africa Day 2022: An Odyssey of a Continent

Every year on May 25, the world celebrates Africa Day. On May 25 1963, 30 independent African leaders signed the founding charter of the OAU (Organization of African Unity). In 2002, to give more impetus to the organisation, many new areas were added, and it was transformed into the African Union (AU).

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my garden series Rahul Roy

My Garden (Part One)

Our house is situated approximately 3 miles from the famous Walden Pond, the glacial lake made famous by Henry David Thoreau, the nineteenth-century transcendentalist, naturalist, abolitionist, and philosopher.

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paul gauguin
Belles Lettres

My Father Paul Gauguin: An Excerpt

Paul Gauguin, the post-impressionist artist who redefined the art of his time, had a tumultous life ridden with poverty, illness and personal tragedies. His youngest son Pola Gauguin wrote ‘Mon Pere Paul Gauguin’. Here is the preface to the book as a tribute to the great artist on his birth anniversary.

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coral reef

Coral Reefs: A Photo Story

Presently the ‘Coral Reef System’ of the entire World is under tremendous threat from Global Warming. We lost about 50% of the entire coral reef life in last 30 years through Coral bleaching. In many places the destruction is complete and that affected lives of millions of livings beings including human being.

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