Photo story: The Ramnami Community

The Ramnami community primarily found in Chhattisgarh, India, has a rich history rooted in their deep devotion to Lord Rama (Hindu mythological figure). They tattoo the name of Lord Rama on their whole bodies, reflecting their unwavering faith , dedication. The community has a history of rebellion and resistance against caste-based discrimination. In the early 20th century, they challenged the social hierarchy by refusing to adhere to the traditional norms of upper-caste dominance. They were subjected to ostracism and oppression, leading them to adopt the practice of tattooing religious verses on their bodies as a form of defiance and empowerment. This act of rebellion not only expressed their devotion to God but also served as a statement of their identity, strength, and determination to resist the oppressive caste system.

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  1. I came to know about this community from a program by Joydeep Mitra. Interesting.

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