Photo story: Christmas Market at Marienplatz

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The Christmas market at Marienplatz, the heart of Munich, can be dated back to the fourteenth century. Unlike its competitors, it still retains a traditional flavor. From the end of November to Christmas Eve, the place transforms into a winter festival ground. With green roofs and red interiors, the hundreds of neatly decorated stalls look resplendent. Although Bavarian customs, craft, and cuisine rule the roost, you can also find crepes and waffles.

A giant Christmas tree adorned with lights gives company to the Clock Tower of the New Townhall. Virgin Mary and her army of four putti silently watch the lively crowds swell every afternoon. The market changes gear once the lights are on. There is hardly a person not carrying back mementos.

The smell of the freshly baked gingerbread, as well as their designs enthralls equally. Exotic handmade candles, carvings on wood, clay, or stones, and crystal balls jostle for space with the dolls and toys. While you are having your half-meter-long Bratwurst sausage, catch some live music performances. You can find children lost in their world of fantasy and youths posing for their group selfies or herding to the pubs. If the night is cold, glue wine is a must-have. 

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