Photo story: Auden’s Col Expedition

Auden’s Col is a Himalayan pass situated at an altitude of 5490 meters (18010 Ft). The pass was discovered by John Bicknell Auden, a surveyor of the Geographical Survey of India in 1935. In 1939 he crossed the pass for the first time. Auden’s col is located at a ridge approaching from Gangotri-III (6580m) peak on the north-west and the ridge coming from Jogin-I (6465m) on the east. The route is strenuous and the trail passes through narrow cliffs, moraines, boulders, rivers, nalas and difficult terrains of Gangorti National Park. The actual expedition starts from Gangotri BC and Rudugaira BC. Auden’s Col iconic Rabbit’s Ear that mark two ends of the pass were visible just 50m away from the top. After crossing Auden’s Col comes the deadly Khatling Glacier located in the Bhilangana Valley having enormous amount of crevasse. We descended towards the snout of the Khatling, negotiating crevasses along with way. We were be roped up for the overall safety of the group and stayed overnight at Khatling Glacier Camp (4210m). Trekking in the Himalayas is an unforgettable experience for any adventure enthusiast. The majestic mountain ranges and the beautiful scenery make it one of the best trekking destinations in the world. On the next day we trekked through the terrain and reached Kharsoli, Gangni and finally ended up at Ghuttu. Total duration of the trek was 10 days. The ideal time for this trek is post monsoon. Trek starts from Gangotri Mandir and ends at Ghuttu.

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  1. Subrata was my colleague once, he is much known for his passion in adventure sports. His know how in high altitude trek, especially in the Himalaya is no less than those World’s known enthusiasts. His photography, his ingenuity in the field can be seen in his photographs, which I tried catch some from his. In his profession I remember him as a Man of exceptional talent.

  2. Excellent narration, would love to read more such experienced
    Excellent narration, would love to read more stories

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