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Wednesday June 29, 2022

Coral Reefs: A Photo Story

I found these beautiful coral gardens in various countries including India, Maldives and Indonesia while scuba diving for last 5 years and do not know whether I will find it once again if I go back there.

Presently the ‘Coral Reef System’ of the entire World is under tremendous threat from Global Warming. We lost about 50% of the entire coral reef life in last 30 years through Coral bleaching. In many places the destruction is complete and that affected lives of millions of livings beings including humans.

A healthy Coral Reef system is crucial for the survival of this Planet. 

It protects the coastlines from tsunami, hurricanes and cyclones. It is home to 30% of all the livings beings and provides food for 7.5% of the entire Global populations living near the coast. Are we doing our bit to stop Global Warming and protect the corals?

Photo and text: Samya Sengupta. Samya is a a travel and underwater photographer. His instagram feed can be accessed at

Copyright of all photos displayed in this album lies with the photographer.


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