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Saturday July 2, 2022

Thank You for Being the Best Mother

the best mother

My mother is a part time housewife, full time teen-sitter. I’m too old to have a babysitter hence, teen-sitter it is. You might think Anandi is just in class VII, she needs a governess. Her canvas is filled with sketches, writings, paper crafts, reviews, story telling, photography, short videos, cooking etc. but wonder for a while, exactly whose face appears in your mind when you can’t find the yellow shirt you kept somewhere? And who do you think of asking first when you can’t decide between white and gray shoes? No, I did not mean the mall assistant, of course. But you know the answer. For whom are you ready to kill half the population? Anyway, this is a little appreciation post for them. Which person do you never feel annoyed at when they ask you how to change the phone settings? Who thinks every single singer you listen to is way too punk but will be the first one to point out a t-shirt with the faces of your favorite band members at a store or point out any news they come across about the band? Who will give advice which sounds like they will never work in a hundred years but actually work the most in a situation? Yes. so, what does my mother do? Certainly what I wrote above, but way more than that. She puts up with me, most importantly, mostly without losing her calm. Now, if that’s not enough then I don’t know what is, but I do know that what she does for me exceeds the minimal quantity of “enough” a lot. I know this wasn’t enough to appreciate everything you do but thank you for being the best mother I have seen


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