Photo Story: Chilika – A Monochromatic Gateway

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Home » General » Photo Story: Chilika – A Monochromatic Gateway

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Nature, through its varied forms and colours have been an element of attraction for everyone irrespective of any specific forms. Chilika, in this context serves as a reflection of serenity and divine pleasures through its picturesque landscapes and abstract forms that are deeply enhanced through the viewing of the natural objects.

Though, Chilika has been a highly regarded as one of the largest freshwater ecosystems, has led many bird lovers to enjoy viewing of different kinds of birds and animals that reside in this place. Another way of gazing Chilika would be through the various theatrical presentations of light and shade that nature determines every single day making it a more surreal feeling for the viewer. The lines, patterns, and different objects makes one feel it as no less than a monochromatic gateway to an idealised world of peace and freedom.

The place suggests how monochrome too provides a positive vibration alike the colourfulness of nature. Furthermore, the nearby township too acts as a heritage place that has been recently developed by the Odisha Tourism and has led to the attracting of various tourists worldwide.

The boats and the ambience that is created by the place lead to the development of serenity through the light and shadows that fall due to the sunrise and sunset leading to a picturesque and fabled lake. Therefore, all these special features make Chilika one of the best and relaxing weekend gateways for one and all.

Story by Anneysha Chatterjee

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