Young Author: The Resemblance

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The resemblance story by young author

The worst and the most awkward stage of life for most people are their teenage years. People face a lot of awkward things at this phase. But among them, the worst one is being compared to their parents. As that is the age when the children start to resemble their parents the most. 

Dawn grew up to be a very independent child. She always believed herself to be her very own person, so naturally, when she reached her teens, she found it very maddening when people started pointing out the obvious resemblance between herself and her mother Portia. You look like your mom, you act like your mom, your voices sound so similar, you are her carbon copy, were the few things she heard the most. Don’t get her wrong because Dawn looked up to and respected her mother a lot but despite that, she found it pretty offending when people just tried to find Portia inside her instead of just appreciating Dawn for who she is. 

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Dawn was a very socially awkward person, so obviously she just chose to awkwardly smile at any kind of event where people seemed to know her but she didn’t know anybody. 

At an event like that, an elderly woman suddenly came up to Dawn and said, “Oh! They weren’t lying, it seems like you do look like a replica of your mother”! Dawn giggled awkwardly while saying, “Everyone says the same to me”. The woman smiled at her while calling her friends and sister forward to show them how Portia’s daughter looked exactly like her, when her sister interrupted, “I don’t see the exact similarity, to be honest, I mean she kind of looks like a mixture of both of her parents”. Dawn, who had been fiddling uncomfortably looked at the woman with awe, feeling appreciated. The woman smiled at her kindly and said, “Oh honey I’ve seen the videos that your mother posts, they are fabulous. Keep up the good work, we would all love to see more of such content”. With that, the woman left giving her one last smile along with the confidence that she can indeed grow up to be her own person without everyone else trying to find her mother in her.

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8 Responses

  1. Interesting read. It reminds me of a girl and her parents. One shouldn’t feel bad if the comparision is on a positive note. Always remember this.
    And good work. Keep it up. 😊

  2. I liked this one as personally I donot like this comparison as Dawn…very well articulated…keep up your writing…

  3. You are really a creative thinker. I love hearing your words. I liked it.

    But I just want to share one story……..
    Once a father and son went to the kite flying festival. The young son became very happy seeing the sky filled with colorful kites. He too asked his father to get him a kite and a thread with a roller so he can fly a kite too. So, the father went to the shop at the park where the festival was being held. He purchased kites and a roll of thread for his son.

    His son started to fly a kite.  Soon, his kite reached high up in the sky.  After a while, the son said, “Father, It seems that the thread is holding up a kite from flying higher, If we break it, It will be free and will go flying even higher.  Can we break it?”  So, the father cut the thread from a roller.  The kite started to go a little higher.  That made a son very happy.

    But then, slowly, the kite started to come down. And, soon it fell down on the terrace of the unknown building. The young son was surprised to see this. He had cut the kite loose of its thread so it can fly higher, but instead, it fell down. He asked his father, “Father, I thought that after cutting off the thread, the kite can freely fly higher. But why did it fall down?”

    The Father explained, “Son, At the height of life that we live in, we often think that some things we are tied with and they are preventing us from going further higher.  The thread was not holding the kite from going higher, but it was helping it stay higher when the wind slowed down and when the wind picked up, you helped the kite go up higher in a proper direction through the thread.  And when we cut the thread, it fell down without the support you were providing to the kite through the thread”.

    The son realized his mistake.

    Moral:  Sometimes we feel that we can progress quickly and reach to the newer heights in our life if we were not tied up with our family, our home.  But, we fail to realize that our family, our loved ones help us survive the tough time in our lives with their support and encourage us to reach higher heights in our life.  They are not holding u.

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