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Wednesday June 29, 2022

Painting of Stormy Waves in Watercolour

Painting by tara mitra

The painting of the ocean waves tells the story of my visit to Barcelona last year. I had a lot of fun jumping over the waves that came rushing in and washing back out again. This illustration represents my point of view as the waves rolled in towards me as I prepared to leap right over them. In the foreground there are big waves, immediately followed by medium ones while in the background everything appears very peaceful and calm. However, in science, the turns in the waves are actually bigger where it is calmer, even if we are unable to see under the undulating waters. These are called undercurrents and can pull one out far into the sea.

I enjoyed making the tonal variations using just ready paint to create this image. The tide is coming in. There are dark and gloomy clouds appearing in the corner of the picture which means a storm is brewing even if the water looks bright. I used water colour techniques to create the dull and misty sky. 


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