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White Hibiscus

white hibiscus
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Nature has been in existence long before human beings and ever since it has taken care of mankind and nourished it. Flowers are the finest creation of nature and make the world a more beautiful place. I have always admired the bounties of nature and taken out time to look after my little garden at the back of my house. Gardening relaxes my mind and makes me feel fresh. 

One morning, I was strolling around the flower shops and when I spotted several hibiscus saplings. One in particular caught my eye. It was a white hibiscus. I hesitated a bit on buying it as I usually prefer the red ones but at the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted it. So before I could change my mind, I went along and bought it. 

Once home, I placed it on top of the two big, galvanized containers and kept staring at it. Now I had a different type of flower in my garden. I was really excited to see it grow and to see more flowers bloom. After a few months the plant started flowering and my happiness was indescribable. It really felt good, looking at the plant every morning and realizing that I was nurturing life. 

Soon after, to my surprise, butterflies started coming to my garden, and it became a regular occurrence. My garden was prettier than ever, and I was glad that I got the white hibiscus in the first place. Never had I thought that this flower could bring so much joy in my life and help me to see the beauty of nature.

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