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The Roller Coaster Ride

There was a long queue at the ticket counter, and I was desperate to get on the ride.
queue at roller coaster ticket
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There was a long queue at the ticket counter, and I was desperate to get on the ride. 

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach at the thought of boarding the ride. Thrilled shouts rang in my ears as I stood leaning on the railing, inhaling, and exhaling deeply while chills ran down my spine. The riders of the blue and white roller coaster hung upside-down, tempting me to get on. After waiting for a long time, my dad finally got the express tickets. We moved on the queue for the ride, excitement flowing through my veins. Our chance came second, and as we climbed on, I could feel an adrenaline rush. The ride started slowly and then started to accelerate. So did my heartbeat. I screamed louder than ever, clutching on to my mother’s hand. I could feel the air against my face, and tension in my stomach. The ride made me feel like a free bird, as if I was flying. Until we went all the way down from what felt like 100 feet. I heard my mother sigh in relief as we reached the end.

‘’Can we go again?’’ I pleaded after we got down, totally amused by the ride and the  adrenaline rush. The name ‘Cyclone’ suited the roller coaster well.

Image courtesy: Thespaceink

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