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The Other Side of Everything

Everything in this world has two sides, be it emotions, situations or problems. In our everyday life, we get angry, sad or happy and excited
the other side
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Everything in this world has two sides, be it emotions, situations or problems. In our everyday life, we get angry, sad or happy and excited about certain things. But couldn’t we feel differently for the same things only if we think about it in a different way? Similarly, two people might be right from their own point of view but might be wrong from the other’s point of view about a certain situation or a problem. It is very common to have two sides of everything. 

According to me, the pandemic was something that we only saw from its negative side, we never thought about the positive things it also brought to our lives. It did bring many losses and sadness in its wake, but there were some good things about it too. It brought about so many moral and behavioural changes in us and helped us develop as better human beings. The pandemic has taught us to value so many things, the importance of which we never noticed. 

I never thought I would miss attending school and travelling in the school bus so much because before this it was quite an ordinary thing for everyone. Besides that, the lockdown situation also brought many people closer and helped them mend their relationship with each other. It not only gave us more time for ourselves but kind of slowed down our life’s pace and gave us a break from our hectic schedules. Over this period, people have become more accepting about flaws and have become more satisfied mentally and physically. The lockdown also forced us to bring everything online and made us accept the world functioning through technology more easily. We all knew technology was the future and it was slowly taking over, but because of the lockdown it has become an integral part of our lives. Shifting of everything online has made many things easier for us and has helped in various ways too. Covid has also taught us to deal with grief and many things about the real world and its reality. 

So, though the covid pandemic was largely sorrowful, it also brought about many positive changes in us. It’s just that we never saw it from the other side. Just like this, everything else in this world has two sides, from one in which an action might be a holy act and from the other in which it might be a deadly sin. 

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Ananya is a young teen studying at The Heritage School. She likes to write and is an avid reader. She also likes to speak and share her opinions with others.

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