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The Groomed Cat

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This is a painting of a ginormous cat with a hairdresser by his side trying to groom him. I enjoyed drawing the cat as a jellybean with a head and other body parts. I was inspired to draw this because I love cats and want to be a hairdresser when I grow up. This was drawn when I was six years old. In the drawing, there is no ceiling because the cat is so big that the hairdresser moved him outside.

I think that the cat would be a good B.F.G actor as he’s so big. 

Nina Ilghamy is seven years old and she loves cats, chocolate, toys and lego (and art). When she was born, she didn’t really like the blinding lights of the hospital and now it’s the same. She loves walking and running. Nina lives in London with her brother (10) and his parents.

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