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The Catskill Mountains by Vir

Vir Sen paints the Catskill Mountains he visited during a recent vacation.
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This painting is a representation of the Catskill mountains in upstate New York. I drew this, with some help from my mother, as we looked out at the huge mountains, tall trees and vast farmlands that were across from the cottage in which we were staying for the summer. After having spent many months at home in New York City during the coronavirus lockdown, my parents and I went to the Catskills for a few weeks to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. The red farm in the picture had horses and ponies that sometimes came into our backyard to munch on the fresh grass. We also saw cottontail rabbits playing in the bushes, ducks crossing the road, deer eating berries and gophers scurrying around the barn.The distant mountains looked blue in color and the tops seemed to disappear into the clouds. The forests were full of yellow birch, red oak and spruce-fir trees. We went on long hikes through narrow trails and had to apply bug spray because there were hundreds of little insects, grasshoppers, bees, wasps and hornets that I did not like. Sometimes we dipped out feet in the cool waters of the “kill” which is the Dutch word for creek. There are many creeks in this region—Bush Kill, Panther Kill, Red Kill, Platte Kill, West Kill and Beaver Kill. There are also many lakes and ponds where we went kayaking. On some nights we would grill our food on an open fire pit. I would help my father pile up the logs, twigs and kindling wood. It was nice to watch so many stars in the sky and listen to the sound of crickets. I will remember this vacation forever.

Vir is 8 years old and lives in New York City with his parents and two pet cats. He loves playing with legos, swimming, writing stories and drawing.  When he visits his grandparents in Kolkata he loves eating luchi, mangsho, kochuri, kati roll; and going on tram rides.

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