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Tuesday June 28, 2022


Rabindra jayanti celebration in the US

Mumma’s Bindis (VII): Ohinonaad’s Shushi

Urja and Ujaan both know Mumma has only one God in her life. Unlike the other Gods that their aunts pray to on special occasions, Mumma’s God (Thakur in Bengali) has a long beard and wavy hair and looks very handsome in a greyish white robe.

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springtime memories

Mumma’s Bindis (VI)

Spring is finally here! Time to get the deck furniture out, fill up the birdfeeder, run outside to catch the dandelions and smell the fresh air. As Didi was helping Mumma clean the deck chairs, Ujaan poured yellow, white, and brown seeds into the birdfeeder with his little hands.

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Mumma's Bindi 3-It's Christmas Eve!

Mumma’s Bindis (III)

Urja and Ujaan are on a baking spree this afternoon with Mumma, sifting the flour, beating the egg yolks, pouring in ladles of oil, and mixing in all sorts of goodies in the form of ripe red strawberries, almond slivers, chocolate chips, and cranberries for a sweet and tangy taste.

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