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She did not fail to eavesdrop on her elder sister-in-law’s conversation

The Clerk’s Wife (Keranir Bou) By Manik Bandopadhyay: Part 2

Rashbehari was mediocre in size, mediocre in looks, mediocre in knowledge and mediocre in intelligence. A truly mediocre character in other words. Sarasi, too, he loved in a mediocre way, sometimes indulging her, sometimes embracing her, sometimes trampling her underfoot.

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Belles Lettres

Translated Fiction: Document

Once a colleague forcibly put money in his pocket, but he threw that in the waste paper basket just out of fear. Yes, it also happened once. After that, no one approached him with money. Rumours spread that he does not accept bribes but helps people. But again, he does not do anything against the rule. But also he could not refuse if his superiors ordered or requested something from him.

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Belles Lettres

Translated Poetry: A Dirge for Dead Poets

When Hindus die, the chief pallbearer circles the body seven times before setting it on fire. This is a secularization of that process of mourning through a generous transcreation of the poems of seven dead poets. Let it be read as a long ‘stotra’; each of its seven parts corresponds to each stage of the netherworld that the deceased must traverse.

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soumitra portrait by syamantak chatterjee

Five Poems

Soumitra started writing poems in his late school days but seriously took to it once in college. Having the likes of Shakti Chattopadhyay and Sunil Ganguly among his friends did help Soumitra to emerge as a poet of prominence.

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Fiction & Poetry


1 Dropped from the skyCrimson redBroken moon in pieces,Blood? In deep red serum? Plasma never thickensGushing from the stream,Man inserts

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Fiction & Poetry

Hungry Stones

Hungry Stones is a short story by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Originally titled Kshudhito Pashan or Khudhito Pashan, this short

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