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music for the soul

Music for the Soul

Like with most Anglo-Indians I grew up on a steady dose of Ronnie Milsap, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Patsy Cline and Tanya Tucker, but later in my teens found myself gravitating towards Indian popular music and Kishore Kumar and Pankaj Udhas became my favourite singers.

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summer heat blinds

Surviving in Summer

Some simple yet efficient time-tested methods like use of blinds, shades, insulation and blackout curtains that considerably lower the room temperature during the sunniest periods of the day…

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digital detox

Time for Digital Detox!

Next time you find yourself reaching for a device to fill your spare time, imagine you’re living in an era when these devices were not available and go back to doing exciting things

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reduce carbon footprint

One Last Chance

When people see someone taking steps to curb harmful greenhouse gases, they feel responsible to do the same.

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