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Wednesday June 29, 2022

Jawhar Sircar

Radha Prasad Gupta at his residence

Radha Prasad Gupta, my Guru

As I entered RP Gupta’s flat, I faced a slender man in a half-sleeved white vest and white pajamas, rocking in a chair, with books piled on a stool next to him.

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ghosts and spirits

When the Dead Arise and Ghosts Roam the World

The indigenous people of the Andes in South America venerate the tombs of their ancestors but they also preserve their skulls at home for such rituals. On the 9th of November, these skulls are dressed up with clothes and cigarettes are inserted between their clenched teeth and alcohol is offered to them.

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Basanta Choudhury

Saluting a Mentor — Basanta Choudhury

I soon discovered a new, exciting world, as RP and Basanta-da poured their knowledge over me. I hardly understood then how fortunate I was when they took me for chats at Subho Tagore’s flat.

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