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The Amazonian Adventure

Coming from a small town in Kerala, rowing a dinghy and catching fish has been an integral part of my life.
kayaking race adventure
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The winner will be awarded a pair of running shoes and a backpack; God heard me and answered my prayer. It was exactly what I wanted at this point. 

I have been planning and saving up for almost a year to go on a trip to the Amazon rainforest. It was over an hour at the Manaus airport and my luggage could not be located. I was later informed that my luggage was on a flight to Spain. The goof-up happened while it was in transit at Peru airport. 


My trek was scheduled for 6am the next morning and my baggage was not to arrive before evening. I didn’t have enough cash in hand to cover up for all the trekking essentials. I was worried. 

Checking into my pre-booked hotel, I inquired where I could get cheap trekking gear. Mr. Garcia, the manager, suggested I visit the Ponta Negra beach area for the same.  

The area was a very lively place full of people. As I was browsing through the shops a young man handed me a flyer which got me excited. 

Coming from a small town in Kerala, rowing a dinghy and catching fish has been an integral part of my life. I wanted to try my luck at this kayaking race as it would save me that extra buck (since I was on a limited budget).

The kayak was hardly different from our local dinghy

The kayak was hardly different from our local dinghy. A rush of adrenaline swept through me as I held the oar. The competition was tough but I swept my way through as some of my dad’s tips came handy. 

That  day, the pair of shoes and the backpack were even more precious than a trophy. I  was euphoric, these shoes were even better than the ones I had brought from home. 

The trek was an outstanding experience; it had been on my bucket list for years but the kayaking contest made this trip most memorable. I had never imagined doing something like this, that too in a foreign country. Each time I see my shoes, the memory of that incident comes rushing into my mind and my lips break into a smile.

Image courtesy: Flickr & Pixabay has collaborated with ‘Word Munchers’, a creative writing platform that trains and encourages kids and youngsters to hone their creative writing skills. will be publishing two short essays by students of ‘Word Munchers’ every Saturday.

Laksshha is a 13 year old from Kolkata, studying in class 9. She has been very passionate about writing from a very young age. Apart from writing she is very fond of dramatics. She really enjoys being on stage and performing for an audience. She is a student of Sushila Birla Girls’ School.

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