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Santa Is Sick. What Happens To Christmas

santa claus house
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Christmas is a worldwide festival that everybody celebrates. It is also my favourite festival as we get many gifts from Santa Claus. Christmas was just a month away and my parents and I went shopping to buy gifts and decorations for our house. We just entered a café to have lunch when on the television news spread that Christmas has to be cancelled because Santa Claus has been indisposed due to severe food poisoning. In the news it was also mentioned that he was in a very bad state. 

My heart broke after hearing that news as it was my favourite time of the year. Then I sent a letter to Santa saying ‘Get Well Soon’ as he was recuperating from his illness. In the card  I also asked him if there was another Santa in the world. After a few days I got a reply from Santa saying that there are many Santas in the world even though I was one. I did not quite understand what that meant so I wrote back to Santa. 

There was just one week left before Christmas and I had still not received a letter from Santa so I decided to go to the North Pole and get the answer to my question. I knew it was a crazy idea but I wanted to get the answer to the question. I reached the North Pole by ship and it took me three whole days to get there. After reaching the North Pole, I saw a tiny hut inside which Santa was lying on a bed near Mrs. Claus. I expected Santa to have a big factory so I asked him if he had one. He said he had one but it was closed and was in an invisible state since Christmas is cancelled. 

I introduced myself and asked him for an answer to my question. He said, “That meant whoever gives more than he receives is a Santa.” These words opened my eyes and when I returned to my city, I told everybody what Santa told me. Everybody was very delighted by these words and instead of Santa giving gifts this year, everybody gave gifts to each other. That Christmas for me was the best Christmas of my life.

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