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Tuesday June 28, 2022

Rabindranath Tagore And Indian Classical Music By Prabir Datta

There are differences in opinions about the no. of songs composed by Tagore. As far as possible, research has been carried out, and it revealed he composed more than 2000 original songs. But in the opinion of authorities in the subject, the no. of songs are about 2178. A no. of songs written earlier were extended or changed by him. Hence, the difference. Also, a no. of compositions are there in Dhrupad and Dhamar. There are a no. of unpublished songs too, which did not have the notations and the classifications as per Indian classical tradition.

If these are classified, as given below, according to the Hindustani classical raga/ragini or the type, we may have some idea about the depth of his talent:

1. Bhairavi 268
2. Yaman 147
3. Piloo 143
4. Khamaj 142
5. Bihag 138
6. Bhairav that(other than Kalingada) 118
7. Kalingada 57
8. Kafi 104
9. Desh 96
10. Kedara 69
11. Malhar 69
12. Bahar 54
13. Chayanat 47
14. Sahana 47
15. Asavari 36
16. Baul 187


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