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Poem: Before We Mothernaked Fall

Thomas’s last separate volume of poetry before the Collected Poems, 1934-1952 was Country Sleep, published by New Directions in the United States in 1952.
poetry of Dylan Thomas
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Before we mothernaked fall
Upon the the land of gold or oil,
Between the raid and the response
Of flesh and bones,
Our claim is staked for once and all
Near to the quarry or the well,
Before the promises fulfill
And joys are pains.

Then take the gusher or the field
Where all the hidden stones are gold,
We have no choice, the choice was made
Before our blood;
And I will build my liquid world,
And you, before the breath is cold
And veins are spilled and doom is turned,
Your solid land.

Dylan Thomas was born in Wales. He is remembered for his lyrical and intensely passionate poetry. He died in The United States when he was thirty nine years old.

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