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Poem: The World in My Eyes

Read a poem by young author Isha Maiti.
Poem by young author
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Was I crazy to think that the world was a game, 
And we were the preassigned players,
And there were no naysayers?


Was I stupid enough to think,
that the world gives us the liberty to dream, 
When in reality,
It is filled with a herd of diffident to the brim.


Was I out of my mind,
When I embarked on a journey of this mankind?
Not knowing that though we claim to be one, 
The feeling of unity is within none.


Have we realized that though the world has changed a lot,

And numerous technological warfare fought,
Humanity has remained constant, if not depleted, 
And the purpose of World Peace defeated?


So, I appeal, alas I beg to your conscience,

To give the world a new beginning, a sunshine, 
To rewrite history and forge a coalition
Of our very own, Mother Earth’s exhibitions.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Isha has been a voracious reader since childhood. Currently 16 years old, she is a regular in authoring articles, poems & stories in school magazines. A science student of Class XI, she is good at doing card magic tricks, loves to play the guitar, synthesizer and is a travel-bug.

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