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Hope a poem by Sayanshuvra Chakraborty. My hopes were shattered/My anger became obsolete/My wishes went unanswered…
Hope by Sayanshuvra Chakraborty
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Last year I hoped I could go have fun with my friends,
This year I hope no one in my family will die.

Last year I was angry  I missed my graduation,
This year I hope  I can go outside once again.

Last year I wished for school to end soon,
This year I wish to step inside my new school.

Last year I hoped  this would be over soon,
This year I hope ignorance, not hinder our freedom.

My hopes were shattered,
My anger became obsolete,
My wishes went unanswered,
This year, things may soon change,
A new day is upon us,
Our new hopes, new wishes, new ideas,
A new day is upon us,
May we soon are able to seize it.


Sayan is 13 years old. He is in 9th grade and a freshman at High School. He writes for Kishalay, and enjoys writing poems and short stories. He also loves singing and playing the saxophone. Sayan Shuvra has been acting in school musicals as well as in the Bengali community.

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