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Cherish: An Ode to Life

poem on hope and life
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Moments to cherish:
Of belly laughs and simple joys,
Of the innocent world
Viewed through childhood eyes.

Moments to cherish:
Of the first flutters of freedom,
When the world is your stage.
Of the trials and tribulations
Of the love and the rage…

Moments to cherish:
Of the addled yearnings of love.
Of the long evenings and endless talks,
Of the dreams dreamt together
On beautiful sunset walks.

Moments to cherish:
Of successes which made you strong,
Of failures, which seemed all wrong…
Of defining times, when you went with your gut,
Of outcomes you embraced – no ifs or buts.

Such is life
Each journey is unique.
Cherish it, treasure it,
Make it count.

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Kirti qualified from the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India and holds a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants after graduating from Mumbai University. After pursuing a demanding and fulfilling career in Accounts and Finance for 15 years in India and UK in various multinational companies, she has taken a sabbatical to devote time to her family. Kirti is based in the UK for the past two decades.

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