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Poem: Apollumi

Now, would dare break the wall, would you shrug all caution,/Guard your heart with soul’s last shred,/Or perish in the name of passion?
poem on fall watercolour flickr
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Desire is what they say, oh lover mine
Brings to you pleasure, while bringing you to pine.
As we face the other, at this juncture of crossed path,
I bring to you this challenge, grudging love’s wrath.
Why do I see you tremble,love? To what do you owe the tremor?
Your heat I feel through the parting stretch, like a burning haze of fever.
What glint in your eyes do I see, if I gaze too deep?
Did my presence rob your sense, did I steal your speech?
You may fight with all your might, go through restrain,
Yet I still own the shiver of your heart, both it’s balm and pain.
Look at me, in my eyes, I shall dare say to your face,
You can either let us slip, or put it all at stake.
Fire and fire may play the game, but one must consume all,
As we rage this war of wills, if I stand you fall.
You are your heaven, your own hell.
Your gnawing loss, your triumph’s smell.
But in my essence I shall hold,
The lacking part of your tale.
Now, would dare break the wall, would you shrug all caution,
Guard your heart with soul’s last shred,
Or perish in the name of passion? 
Image courtesy: Flickr
Oishi, 22, is currently pursuing her master’s degree in GIS and Remote sensing. Oishi was introduced to a plethora of literary genre since a very young age and has been particularly fond of poetry and mythology.A trained Odissi dancer Oishi has another noteworthy thing- Microsoft applications prefer to rename Oishi as either Fishy or Oasis, which suits her just as fine in her opinion.

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