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Poem: Memories

I try not to think/Of the setting sun by the Mediterranean/And the New York Times bestseller/On my chest/ like a baby clinging to her mother’s
memories poem
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I try not to think

Of those rain-soaked days

Of the grassy smell

From the meadows in front of our house

Of those lazy summer afternoons in bed

Where I fell asleep

Listening to the soft tapping

Of your fingers on the laptop

With my head resting on the curve

Of your bare back

I try not to think

Of the setting sun by the Mediterranean

And the New York Times bestseller

On my chest

Like a baby clinging to her mother’s bosom

Opened on page ninety-three

And you, a few yards away from me

Penning down the last line of a poem

Which might never be published

And might just be

For my eyes only

I try not to think

About the numerous times we cooked together

From the recipes we found on the internet

And then settled for a pizza and wine

As even our dog would refuse to eat

what we whipped up

I try not to think

About those aimless long drives at night

When the speedometer will flirt with the nineties

And I would read you Cummings

In the spotlight of my phone

I try not to think

About the starry night

Under which we slept in our backyard

And I told you I was pregnant

With our first baby

About the movie theater

Where we were the only two

Watching a cult classic

About the dingy one-bedroom studio

Where we first started

Our journey together

I try not to think

I try not to think


Every time I think of them

The bruises under my bra

And on my back hurt bad

I open my eyes

And all become a blur!!!

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Dr. Sen is the Lee A Green Collegiate Research Professor at the University of Michigan. He holds research professor titles in the departments of Family Medicine and Biostatistics. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. He was born in Kolkata and is closely attached to his cultural roots through poetry literature and theatre.

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