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Poem: Friends for Life

They say forgetting will render you free,/But that’s not the case with you and me./I like to believe that I have known you long,/But truth
friends for life
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They say forgetting will render you free,
But that’s not the case with you and me.

I like to believe that I have known you long,
But truth be told, it wasn’t enough. 

Yes, we seemed the best of friends,
Or were we just a bunch of pretends?

True, we shared some special memories,
Maybe just for a few years, and not the promised centuries.

Do you still wonder what led to this?
Do you still reminisce?

Yes, sometimes we fought over stupid things,
And the words, yes, they still sting. 

Sometimes we couldn’t bear each other,
Yet we held onto one another. 

Why? I have no clue.
No idea.

Somewhere along the way,
We began to meander away.

At first it was scary out there without you,
But we learned to adapt, live anew.

And now finally here we are,
Our friendship not intact, but a healed scar.

We have been through a lot,
Things, that we as children, had never thought.

But it turned out okay, I guess.
So, here’s to us, cherished friend.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Isha has been a voracious reader since childhood. Currently 16 years old, she is a regular in authoring articles, poems & stories in school magazines. A science student of Class XI, she is good at doing card magic tricks, loves to play the guitar, synthesizer and is a travel-bug.

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