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Poem: A Dwindled Dawn

The night’s a complete washout/ The eyes can’t hold the ocean/Flooding the parched soil/And does its own thing/with the mascara, the eyeliner
dwindled dawn poem by Vishnupriya
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The night’s a complete washout
The eyes can’t hold the ocean
Flooding the parched soil
And  does its own thing 
with the mascara, the eyeliner 
And the whittled down eyeshadow
looks a ghostly galleon 
tossing on the inky waters 
rudderless, drifting, lost
And I am a specter to behold

I see DiCaprio and Winslet at the bow
They must have imagined a tomorrow 
That’s when I wake up to a dwindled dawn
The blinds filter only a frail ray 
crouching in corners almost wilting 
feebly asking for a lift me up 
and I shudder
But I’ll use all my love
to color this anorexic morninglight 
and make it look ruddier

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Vishnupriya is a bilingual writer of poetry, essays, flash and short fiction. She has published several poems, short stories and essays in multiple North American and Indian magazines, periodicals, webzines, portals, and blogs, including her own. She is the proud recipient of the Gayatri Gamarsh Memorial Award for Literary Excellence in 2019. She has dabbled in broadcasting, voice-overs for documentary films, and script writing for varied events.

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