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Photo story: Figures and Colours

Photos of internation puppet festival in Kolkata.
puppet unit members event
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Remembering one of the most colourful international events held five years back in Kolkata called PUN (Puppet Unit Neighbours) – the International Fest of Puppets. Some of the memorable puppets both toys made by Indian and puppet artists from eight other different countries as well as Indian Human puppets group, Masti Makers assembled here in Kolkata during Oct 26-31,2017. City’s different corners like Mohar Kunj, P. C. Chandra Garden, Quest mall etc. witnessed this colourful extravaganza. A wide variety of Puppet acts ranging from String, Rod, glove, shadow, knee, giant, human, theatre, street, interactive and balloon puppetry with amazing creativity mesmerized us during that week.

Photos and text- Suvashis Mullick

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