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Photo story: Kumortuli in Kolkata

Kumortuli, a beautiful place situated in Sovabajar, North Kolkata, is home to the thousand sculpture artists, and a very favorite place of Photographers, especially before
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Kumortuli, a beautiful place situated in Shobhabajar, North Kolkata, is home to the thousand clay artists, and a very favorite place of photographers, especially before Durga Puja. The place is often called “The birthplace of Gods” because this is the biggest area where Durga idols are made in West Bengal. Durga idols are even shipped internationally from here. It is not only famous for its religious significance but also attracts numerous artists, photographers, and tourists who come to witness the craftsmanship and vibrant atmosphere. The narrow lanes of Kumortuli are lined with workshops and studios of the artisans, giving visitors a glimpse into the creative process and the dedication that goes into making these idols. Kumortuli is an essential part of Kolkata’s cultural heritage and contributes significantly to the city’s artistic identity. It remains a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing the rich artistic and religious traditions of Bengal.

A freelance photographer by profession, but a Landscape Photographer by passion. Anushtup specializes in Astrophotography and loves to go trekking, discover deeply hidden and isolated villages in mountains and make documentary films on their ancient lifestyle. His photos have been nominated by “International Amateur Astrophotography Magazine” and NASA. One of his Documentaries got shortlisted in the Toronto Film Festival, 2022.

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