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Happy New Year to America

Amanda Gorman was here. She is here, and she will be here. She is the hope.
happy new year america amanda gorman
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The new year rang in a little late this year in the US. The gloom has been hanging in the air for long. A tunnel curled away coldly into the infinite darkness– a never-ending wind to cross; suddenly, the dwindling light started trickling in. After a bumpy and rocky drive through the pandemic year, came November. The vaccine was approved and the election was won. Though we were fatigued, we hoped that the race would be over soon. But, the finish line seemed to be a mirage and kept moving farther away from us. We grappled with hopelessness.

Into the third week of the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century, the new year bells started ringing, a sense of mirth wrapped us up. After the nasty storm, the dust has begun to settle. Some relief is on the way.

The early morning vision

I woke up early in the morning of the twentieth and saw Hope sitting on my windowsill. But dark clouds held their ground. They seemed unwilling to budge.

I rubbed my morning half-opened eyes. Two figures emerged in dark clothes as they are walking out of the door. I sensed the prophetic sign of relief. The alchemist is losing the voodoo spell that casts a shadow on us for such a long time. The glum air began to lighten. This, too, shall pass. As they crossed the field, my heartbeat fast, the hope bird tweeting. Darkness was banished and vanishing from the field of our view.

They climbed the stairs to their flying vehicle, I closed my eyes, I would not want to see their faces and I did not. I could only hear, “it’s over, it’s over”; new year celebrations have been delayed this year. But finally, it is time to celebrate. We must be patient for something good, something worthwhile. I remembered my Grandmother, who always said, you must experience the utter darkness for appreciating the morning glory.

When the dove carrying the olive leaves on Lady Gaga’s jacket soared high with the voice filling the sky with the National Anthem, I closed my eyes and found peace.

As the plane disappeared into the dark clouds, the clouds too moved on, and the sun appeared from behind the trailing clouds. These two have passed on. And decency is restored.

On the ground, slowly the motorcade stopped at the door of the century-old church near Pennsylvania Avenue. “Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.” I said my morning prayers.

Time for celebration

The celebration to herald a new beginning commenced, and I am a witness to a historic event.

How many years do you live in a land to call it your own? After three decades of homecoming, I know that this land is my land too. These are my people. I belong.

You are for sure born in your mother’s womb to call her your mother, and again you can adopt one, and love her from the core of your heart. “I roamed and rambled, and I’ve followed my footsteps too, I have seen the endless skyway, and I know that this land is mine too.”

Peace Soars High

As the dove on Lady Gaga’s jacket soared and her voice filled the sky with the National Anthem, I closed my eyes. And I found peace. As Jlo held the mic tight and gave her heart out in singing Pete’s song, “this land is my land, this land is your land,” I knew, I arrived.’

The beautiful lady in yellow

How beautifully the moment captured the spirit of celebration? A twenty-two-year-old brave young lady took the podium in bright yellow, “Here comes the sun, little darling, the smiles returning to the faces.” Amanda Gorman was here. She is here, and she will be here. She is the hope. I know everything will be ok. There are many more Amanda Gormans out there, who will brighten our days, shine and be the light.

“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Amanda Gorman

We ushered in 2021 — a whole new year. Our new president said, “The will of the people has been heard and the will of the people has been heeded. We have learned again that democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed.”

Happy New Year to America! Let’s pray and play our part to be part of a new journey.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers”

Jeffersons and Hamiltons can disagree, discourse, and come to an agreement. Let the Benjamin Franklins lead us with innovations and inventions. Let Rosa Parks remind us, “We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace, and the norms and notions of what ‘just’ is isn’t always justice.”

Hope there are many Cesar Chavezes, in every city and village to fight for the rights of the working class. Let us join MLK in “I have a dream” and all the leaders who showed the way in the past. We hope they are born again to lead us to a better tomorrow.

Mousumi was raised in Kolkata but now call New York her home. She pursued her PhD from Indiana University Bloomington and currently works as a Marketing & Consumer Data and Design Analytics professional. She is Co-founder and Director at MDRK Partners. She loves to read, cook, take photos on her phone and travel.

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