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Mother’s Day Contest (II): Ode to my Mom

Mothers Day poem by a daughetr who is in her teens.
mothers day poem
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Thespaceink Mothers Day writing contest was announced to encourage young authors to write about their mother. We’ll be publishing Mothers Day articles throughout Mothers Day week.

You held my hand through every step I took,  
You tie our family together, like a soft silk thread,
You listen to all my rants, you give me solutions,
You keep calm and maintain peace,
You are my star in the darkest of nights.

Never did you ever give up on me,
Never did you ever leave me alone,
Never did you ever compare me to others,
Always supporting me in my interests,
You’re like the path that leads me to my dreams.

Your soft hands have shaped me,
Into the best I could ever be,
Your tender and warm hugs,
Have comforted me in the worst of times,
You haven’t just wiped off my tears, but also my worries.

You work all day, help everyone out, you’re my inspiration,
I am forever grateful for your love and care.

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