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Little Women: My Favourite Book

Little Women is a story of four sisters– Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy who grew up under the care of their beloved mother, Marmee.
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ittle Women was published in 1868 and is written by Louisa May Alcott. The book is very well written and is really inspiring for readers. It is a popular American classic. It is written during the time of civil war in America. 

Little Women is a story of four sisters– Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy who grew up under the care of their beloved mother, Marmee. The little women along with their mother kept their home lights burning while their father served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. 

In the story we see the struggles faced by the family and how they jumped those obstacles with the help of their kind neighbour Mr. Laurence and his generous grandson Laurie. The author shows us the importance of love and hope and how they are helpful to us in every situation. It even stresses on small human deeds. Reading this book, we learn many morals that are very heartwarming.

My favourite character in the novel is the Little Women’s mother Marmee. She was really hard working. She worked the entire day and came home tired but always kept a smile on her face. She taught the little women good manners and brought them up really well. The novel would have been incomplete without Marmee. 

This book takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions which include love, compassion and honesty. It is written in simple language that makes it easy to read and understand. A book is good if it makes a reader visualize its content and while reading ‘Little Women’ we are able to do so. It is a perfect role model for young girls and inspiring for all readers. So I would highly recommend everyone to read this book

Jiya loves to write and aspires to become an author. She also loves playing Basketball. Jiya is a student of Modern High School For Girls, Kolkata.

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