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The Odd Saint and Other Limericks

Three delightful limericks by eight year old Shreyaan Roy
limericks in English
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God's Curse

Once there lived a knight hale and bold
Who happened to be very old
He used to lie
To the gods who lived in the sky
So they cursed him with a cold

The Underwear Bear

There once lived a bear
Who had a underwear
The underwear was covered with green spots
And pink polka dots
He got it from a magical pear

The Odd Saint

There once lived a Saint
Whose name was Zaint
He was born in New York City
He was obsessed with the word ‘Pity’
He loved to paint

Shreyaan is a eight year old from Kolkata. He writes about himself, “There once lived a boy/Whose name was Shreyaan Roy/He studied all day/In the most peculiar way/To get a new toy.

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