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The Global Pandemic and EU

Johan Höglund is Professor of English at Linnaeus University and Director of the Linnaeus University Centre for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, at Linnaeus University, Sweden. He has published extensively on the relationship between imperialism and popular culture in a number of different contexts, including the late-Victorian era, the long history of US global expansion and decline, and the often unrecognized era of Nordic colonialism. He is the author of The American Imperial Gothic: Popular Culture, Empire, Violence (2014), and the co-editor of several scholarly collections and special issues, including “Nordic Colonialisms” for Scandinavian Studies (2019), “Revisiting Adventure” for Journal of Popular Culture (2018), Gothic in the Anthropocene (forthcoming Minnesota UP 2021), Nordic Gothic (Manchester UP, 2020), and Animal Horror Cinema: Genre, History and Criticism (Palgrave McMillan, 2015).


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