Photo story: Currency Notes from G20 Nations

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The 18th G20 Summit, just concluded in New Delhi. It was held over 9 and 10 September. The Group of 20 or G20 is an international forum that fosters economic cooperation, held annually under the leadership of a rotating Presidency. The G20 is the premier grouping of the world’s largest economies that functions to create certain international standards to deal with the most critical issues. On the horizon of the world economy, the G20’s rise is an important development. 

It is a belief that the Summit will chart a new path in human centric and inclusive development. Now, this time in the above Summit apart from twenty Member countries nine other countries are invited as Guest Countries. As a Notaphilist, I am interested in showcasing the currency of these 29 different countries as these are not commonly seen with most banknote collectors. 

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