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Home » Audio Visual » Photo story: Collared Falconet

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Every photographer loves exploring new places. My family and I went to Latpanchar in the month of April for bird photography. Bird photography is really interesting because it helps us to know more about bird species. Under the guidance of our guide, we went to Rongtong. Then this wonderful cinematic view of collared falconet reflected to our eyes. The beautiful bond and  story between a couple collared falconet was captured. Their conversation started and then the courtship between them. The male collared falconet brought a red heart shaped leaf to impress the female collared falconet and then begin their new journey of life. Every courtship depicts a beautiful story. We captured the mating of collared falconet. There were about 4 to 5 collared falconets, some were on the other tree sitting in the form of a triangle where the couple was on the other tree with its immense green background behind them. This capturing of pictures gave us immense joy and we were lucky to get this shot. The collared falconet is one of the smallest raptors and the bird of prey. Collared falconets can be found at various places like in India, Nepal, Bhutan and other places. 

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  1. Adrita is a genius, achieving AFIAF, International honours as the youngest. Her love for Nature is astounding.

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