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Home » Photo story » Photo story: Astrophotography
I started doing Astrophotography since I was in school. The reason was, I always got attracted towards the mysterious night sky. But the more we got older, stars started to vanish, because of the light pollution.
After realising the fact and my new found love for mountains I started trekking, I was owed by the night sky. I could see the milky way through my naked eye, the galaxy we live in!
After returning home I started to learn this new form of Photography, did research. With my this new found love and passion, I started solo trekking, to capture the night sky. Why solo? Because I was unable to find any like minded persons, and doing astrophotography is very challenging, you have stay up at night, probably in freezing temperatures. But I feel like end of the day it was worth it.
Here are some of my astrophotography from my recent ventures, ranging all the way from Himachal to Uttarakhand. 
I upload my Documentaries in the Youtube Channel : Nomadic Spectacles 
And I upload all of the Astrophotography in Instagram : nomadic_spectacles 
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