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One Day Spent Flying Kites

We divided ourselves into two teams and took different coloured handmade kites.
flying kites
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It was the morning of 14th January and I woke up excited to fly a kite as it was the day of Makar Sankranti. That day my friends had come to my terrace and we had a competition of who can bring down more kites. We all made  kites on our own with different materials. Some of us used paper and some used piece of cloth. 

We divided ourselves into two teams and took different coloured handmade kites. We started flying our kites. The sky looked colourful with all the different coloured kites. There were others flying kites from their terraces. There were different hues in the sky. It looked like a painted picture. We started to bring down each other’s kites and the kites in the sky kept decreasing in numbers .

My mother  prepared kite shaped cookies which we  ate with  hot chocolate. The weather was quite pleasant. At the end when we finished flying our kites, we all were very tired but had good fun. It was a lovely day and I plan to do this every year with my friends. 

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Vaanya loves to read, play basketball and bake. She is a student of Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata.

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