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The Same Sky: A Book of Verses

‘The Same Sky’ is an anthology of poems published recently from Eric Publication. It is a collaborative work by poets Sreya Sarkar and Sankar Sarkar.
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‘The Same Sky’, published recently by Eric Publication is a collection of poems penned by Sreya Sarkar and Sankar Sarkar. In the foreword to this interesting collection poet and editor Haraprasad Ray writes,

“Interestingly, it seems a coincidence that their writings imbibe great utterances of Matthew Arnold on poetry, as their guiding parameters independently for their discrete course of writing. Arnold’s idea that “Poetry is the criticism of life” reverberates through the poems of Sankar, while Sreya’s poems resound with the “noble and profound application of ideas of life.” And their combined voice campaigns the truth that “poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge.”” 

Both Sreya and Sankar has been writing poetry for several years now. However, this is their first collaborative effort and yet is surprisingly mature in content coming from two young poets. editorial team has chosen two poems from the anthology for our readers. 

Dawn of Happiness

Sreya Sarkar

Another dawn slips out of the sieve of time
The nightly blanket peeling off the thicket of dreams
Awakening this daybreak is unlike others,
A jagged bolt of clarity searing its edges
Happiness is at best a remembrance, like love
Its wealth recognized only in hindsight
The memory clinging to the collars, a faint perfume
Coupled with a lingering melancholy
Bliss might not be the answer after all
A constant burn is a reminder of being alive
To be is to lap up what offers itself,
The unengineered coming and going,
Being alive is absorbing pain,
Not always unbearably sharp,
The dull pulsating throb,
Ever present. A friend. A forever companion


Sankar Sarkar

Divided Divided
We are divided
from inside to outside
and from outside to inside
From birth to death
and death to birth
We are divided through demarcation
by symbol, color, and thought
We are divided into divisions,
fraction and contradiction
We were not integral any day
We born divided
and died divided
Nothing can be unbroken
Everything and being broken
though they seem undivided 

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